CHALLENGES: The goal was to place a simple vacation home in a delicate natural environment in such a way that it blends in with its surroundings in terms of materials, colors, and architecture. The significant differences in elevation on the plot posed additional challenges for the placement and design of the building. The maximum size of the building, limited to one hundred square meters, in relation to the space requirements, added further complexity to the design.

SOLUTIONS: The architecture of the building was chosen to be traditional country architecture, with an earthy color palette and materials. The building blends naturally into the wooded lakeside environment. From a construction perspective, a straightforward approach was taken, and the building was placed to follow the topography, minimizing the need for significant terrain modification and avoiding the need to terrace the sloping plot. The layout aimed for an open floor plan with functions interweaving to create a spacious and functionally flexible building. Construction work is still ongoing.



100 m2